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Customer Service

A core value here at Sirianni's, ensuring our customer always comes first.

Meat and Butchery

On site fresh meat products produced straight from our butchery.


We offer a range of meals, fresh cuts and salads from our on site delicatessens.

Fresh Produce

We pride ourselves on bringing the locals the freshest and highest quality fruits and vegetables.

Learn a little
more about our history.

On the 26th of March 1965, Napoleone and Elisa Sirianni, then recently Italian migrants, moved from Atherton, North Queensland to Brisbane. Upon settling in Brisbane they took a big step and purchased a small timber grocery store. Back then; this little store was grossing less than 300 pounds a week. With the help of their sons, Ugo aged 19 and Tony aged 11, they introduced new gourmet products to their customers and grew the business.

In 1996 the Australian Dollar was introduced and shortly after in 1967, we as a business joined the 'Foodland Group'. Foodland was a recognised name in the grocery business and was the foundation of our path to growth. With one register and two small adding machines, the store successfully operated out the woodern shopfront until 1979.

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